Nail Artists Agree: These Nail Colors Will Be Huge in 2023

I have a confession to make: I’m nosy AF. I’m sure it’s not the most shocking thing you’ve heard today—I like to think it comes with the territory when you’re a beauty editor. I always find myself Insta-stalking celebrity nail artists because of it (those designs!), and I just think it’s my job to stay on top of what’s currently trending in the beauty space. Today’s topic of interest? Popular nail colors, of course.

Don’t worry, though, this isn’t a wrap-up list of 2022’s best nail colors (although I wouldn’t be opposed to reading that either). I’m more interested in what hues celebrity nail artists think will make a big splash in 2023. After all, we all like to stay a little ahead of the game, right? If your curiosity has also gotten the best of you, keep scrolling. I DM’d four nail artists to find out what colors they’re feeling for the year, and I’m sharing all the details.

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