Monica Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors On Social Media—“It’s Actually Impossible!”

Another day, another celebrity pregnancy rumor, but Monica is not here for any of the speculation from her fans. Addressing rumors floating around that she was expecting another child, Monica headed to her Twitter account to set the record straight, so there is absolutely no confusion.

Monica reposted the following tweet regarding her being pregnant following a recent performance where she was wearing baggy clothes and responded with this:

“PREGNANT? ME? It’s actually impossible unless I’m carrying a 3 yr old! Lmaooo IMPOSSIBLE RT @LatonyaBeatty: @queenstatusmo @MonicaDenise Yes! And not sure why she looked pregnant to me, maybe it was the loose shirt since I normally see her on stage in jackets. I’m also exhausted”

When a fan responded to her clearing the air, writing “I know I look silly sis but when he get out it won’t be. I was just telling someone the other day that the oldest I delivered was 44. Anything is possible but I respect if you chose not to whether surgically, etc.,” Monica added, “Lmao I wasn’t offended nor do I feel you lol silly! I was caught a bit off guard lol …. Blessings to you, working in hospitals is especially hard now days! All respect here.”

Monica kept things real cute with the speculation from the fans because normally she would have fired off with a fierce clapback, but we’re definitely seeing a softer side of her these days.


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