Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Teases What’s Next for His Family

“On the way to success, you will run into failure,” Mike said. “You will run into noes. It has happened to me and my wife many, many times and we didn’t give up and we continued to move forward. We continued to be positive. We stayed in faith and eventually we were blessed.”

And while parenthood is keeping Mike more than busy, he’s also excited to expand Brotrition, his line of workout supplements. The brand recently launched a new salted caramel protein powder to add to their wide variety of flavors, including BROFettis Birthday Cake. 

“Everybody knows that Big Daddy Sitch loves his Funfetti,” Mike joked. “I don’t think that you would expect anything less from one of the forefathers of gym, tanning and laundry. I always wanted to come up with a supplement line.”

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