Michelle Yeoh Shares Her Met Gala 2022 Beauty Secrets, From Sheet Masks to Brisk Walks

Indeed, the actor is known for her fastidious skin-care regimen, which she says she gleaned from her mother. “She just turned 82, but she looks like she’s in her 60s,” Yeoh says. “Till this day, when I go home, she will nag at me: ‘You have to look after your skin!’” Yeoh admits her approach is simply good advice: Never go to sleep with your makeup on; don’t overscrub your skin or treat it too harshly; and use the right face creams, with the appropriate weight and amount. “And never go for a crazy facial just before a big event.”

Photographed by Huy Luong

There’s one non-negotiable: “I swear by my masks: face masks, neck masks, jawline masks, every mask on the planet. I never skimp on those.” In fact, she does one sheet mask daily, two on travel days.

Day to day, the academy-trained former ballet dancer and 1983’s Miss Malaysia keeps her beauty look casual. Since she exercises every day and therefore has to wash her waist-length hair daily, she air-dries it to give it some respite from all the blowing and curling that happens on set. She also loves hats and baseball caps, which help with bad-hair days.

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