Michael Casey, CCO of CoinDesk: Karim with Linqto[GritDaily House SXSW]

Michael J. Casey is CoinDesk‘s Chief Content Officer. On this episode of The Grit Daily Podcast, Casey explained he started as a Chairman of the Advisory Board for CoinDesk and that’s when the CEO brought him in. Previously, Casey was the CEO of Streambed Media, a company he co-founded to develop provenance data for digital content. He was also a senior advisor at MIT Media Labs’s Digital Currency Initiative and a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to joining MIT, Casey spent 18 years at The Wall Street Journal, where his last position was as a senior columnist covering global economic affairs.

CoinDesk Indices are the bellwether for the market. They are the industry standard for institutional-grade cryptocurrency pricing with billions of dollars in monthly trading volume quoted against them. The flagship CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) is a spot reference rate for BTC that benchmarks the world’s first publicly traded bitcoin fund and the world’s first bitcoin ETF.

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