Michael Bay to produce ‘The Raid’ remake for Netflix

Hollywood directors Michael Bay and Patrick Hughes have been tapped for a remake of Gareth Evans’ acclaimed Indonesian action movie, The Raid, for Netflix.

Per a Deadline report, Bay and American production house XYZ Studios will produce, while Hughes directs the rework of Evans’ acclaimed 2011 film. Hughes will also co-write the script with James Beaufort.

Gareth Evans, who directed and wrote the original film, will be involved in Netflix’s remake, this time serving as an executive producer.

While the original film was set in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and featured a predominantly Indonesian cast and crew, the upcoming remake will be set “in Philadelphia’s drug-infested ‘Badlands’”, Netflix revealed on Twitter, “where an undercover DEA task force climbs a ladder of cartel informants to catch a kingpin”.

The original 2011 film stars Iko Uwais as its lead protagonist rookie SWAT operative who, along with his team, has to battle their way up numerous levels in a locked-down apartment complex overrun by a drug lord.

The Raid received international acclaim upon its release, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film received a sequel in the form of 2014’s The Raid 2.

The remake will be “a distinctly original take on the material, which promises to pay great respect to the original film while also bringing a fresh approach and perspective that will set its own course in the action genre,” the film’s producers said, per Deadline.

Another remake of The Raid was initially announced in 2017, with Frank Grillo set to star and Joe Carnahan tapped as writer and director. It is currently unclear if Grillo and Carnahan will be involved in Bay and Hughes’ rework.

Hughes is best known for directing films such as The Expendables 3, The Hitman’s Bodyguard and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Michael Bay, on the other hand, is famed for helming Bad Boys, Armageddon, the Transformers franchise and Netflix’s 6 Underground.

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