Met Gala 2022 Fashion Theme, Explained

The night’s attendees also showed an appreciation for the less glitzy fashion of the Gilded Age. Billie Eilish wore a corset-and-bustle gown adorned with a purple flower on the neckline, paired with lace green opera gloves and a black choker. While the Gucci dress looked pulled from the 19th century, it was made from upcycled materials with sustainability in mind. SZA also highlighted the legacy of the time period via a gown by Vivienne Westwood, a designer known for her modern-day takes on the corset. Then, there was Paloma Elsesser, who wore a bare-boned corset with garter and lace skirt custom-made by Coach that highlighted the construction of Gilded Age fashion. “Putting that corset on the outside you can see all the details including the garter,” says Ben-Horin. “It’s all the historical references in a modern outfit.” 

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