Melkbelly Share New Song “Haunted Trails”: Listen

Band To Watch alumni Melkbelly returned in the spring of 2020 with a new album called Pith. Later in the year, frontwoman Miranda Winters also popped up with the All Purpose 7-inch, and then Melkbelly contributed to the Father/Daughter and Wax Nine Christmas album Simply Having A Wonderful Compilation.

It seems the group are once more in the holiday spirit. They’ve returned with happy Halloween wishes and a new song called “Haunted Trails.” Melkbelly long ago cemented their brand of twisted, seasick, caustic guitar music — and I suppose you could call some of it spooky? You could definitely call “Haunted Trails” spooky, at least, especially when you get to those weird cackles at the end. It also comes with a video created by Jesse Bond. Check it out below.

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