Meet Nadine Mos, the Egyptian Designer Crafting Dresses From Vintage ’90s Jersey

Universality is central to her aesthetic, which she has been fine-tuning since a young age when she started to struggle to fit into clothes. Simple in silhouette, most of her shapes come with low backs, feminine darts, a touch of stretch, and empire waist seams, the last of which, she notes, are suited to both women with small or large chests, curves or none at all. “Literally anyone can wear it, and it still looks good,” says Mosallam, whose friends and customers have confirmed her findings.

In other words, the effortlessly form-fitting designs, which she refers to, with a laugh, as a “Monica Bellucci dream,” are inherently sexy. Not only because they’re flattering in all the right places but also because they’re thoughtfully handcrafted for women by a woman. The made-to-order styles strike a delicate balance of functionality and confidence, sensuality and casualness. “For me, everything is about how you feel in your own body.… I have to be able to leave the house and feel good without thinking about what I’ve put on,” says Mosallam. The freeing A-line hems enable and encourage movement, whether it be simply walking down the street or belly dancing, as Mosallam has done since spending time in her family’s native Egypt as a child. “Whenever I wear [my dresses],” she says, “I feel a lot better”—in mind and matter, surely.

Directed by Jennifer Cheng

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