Meet Grit Daily Startup Show, with Veteran Podcaster, Sebastian Rusk

The world of entrepreneurship is changing quickly as more people take the risk to make their dreams come true. Let’s face it, traditional corporate environments and conventional ideas are a thing of the past. The Grit Daily Startup Show will tell you all about how startups are changing this reality!

With political, economic, socio-cultural changes accelerating each year, the needs of people around the world are just not the same. The COVID19 not only accelerated these changes, creating a demand for new businesses, but it also showed us that working differently is possible.

The so-called great resignation has created a unique opportunity for a startup boom to happen, as more than 40% of Americans plan to start their own business this year. However, creating a small business or your own startup is not just a matter of choice.

As our own Jordan French would say: “Being successful in the world of entrepreneurship is all about grit”. However, grit is not about pushing without purpose but about enhancing focus on what truly matters. Grit is the driving force that helps you organize and hold to your goals, helping you navigate through obstacles.

However, navigating through uncharted waters is not an easy task. If you have ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of the startup world and what role does grit play in helping a startup succeed, we have good news for you: We have recently launched the Grit Daily Startup Show!

Hosted by the one and only Sebastian Rusk, this new podcast will show you how the startup world really works. Follow Sebastian as he dives in with the leaders, builders, and innovators that have built the new global catalyst for innovation. You will not only get to know their stories but also the lessons they learned through their personal journeys.

Widely known for his passion, creativity, experience, knowledge, and charisma, Sebastian has sat with personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk, Daymond John, Ryan Serhant, Marie Forleo, Guy Kawasaki, and Mari Smith during his more than 10 years of experience in the podcast world. He has also taught thousands of people how to launch their own podcasts, as well as written one of the premier resources for podcasters: “Podcasts SUCK!: (if you don’t have one)”.

Now, Sebastian is bringing all of his expertise and charisma to teach all of our readers how to get their startups on the right track. Every episode will feature a guest who will spend no time with superfluous chatter but will get straight to the point, sharing the information you have always wondered about or didn’t know you needed.

There are already 8 episodes of the Grit Daily Startup Show ready for you to start learning all about the world of startups and entrepreneurship. Get comfortable, wear your headphones, and join Sebastian on this journey!

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