Mario Cantone Teases And Just Like That… Season 2

Cantone, who wore a custom Gustavo Moscoso suit and scarf for the event, also commented on John Corbett officially rejoining his former co-stars after skipping season one of AJLT. “I love John, I love the actor. He’s a wonderful guy,” he dished. “And boy, does he look incredible. Oh yeah, he looks great.”

But what can fans expect from Anthony without Stanford by his side?

“I still got my bakery,” Cantone confirmed. “Hot Fellas bread, that’s a genius idea. I was a wedding planner before, but I never got that gay gene. I don’t know how to put anything together. I did pick up this scarf, though.”

“[Director and writer] Michael Patrick King definitely knew that he wanted to do something culinary with me and knew I loved to bake, so he came up with the whole idea,” he explained. “I was doing sourdough bread before Covid!”

See what Anthony’s got cooking when And Just Like That… inevitably returns to HBO Max for season two.

But until then, here’s everything we know about the show so far:

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