Marilyn Monroe: a platinum-plated icon 60 years on

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Sixty years after her premature death, Marilyn Monroe, the screen siren with a wiggle in her walk, still fascinates audiences. We check out a new documentary charting the life and times of the blonde bombshell, as famous for serenading then-US President John F. Kennedy as she was for her comic turns on screen.

Meanwhile, an exhibition in Paris explores the porous border between “real” and digital life, as Sabrina Ratté deploys video, projections and virtual reality experiences in her artwork. Seven decades of Algerian painting help tell the story of a nation on the brink of independence and in the years thereafter at the Institut du Monde Arabe. And Amoako Boafo’s canvases radiate joy, diversity and possibility at the Mariane Ibrahim gallery in Paris.

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