Madi Diaz Unveils New Single ‘Love Looks Different’

Madi Diaz is back with a new track titled ‘Love Looks Different’. It follows her recent single ‘Hangover’. Give it a listen below.

“This song is combing out the last remnants of love that wasn’t working. I’m doing a final recount, laying out every piece, cutting off all the bitter and bad memories, and setting it off so I no longer carry every small detail with me,” Diaz, who produced ‘Love Looks Different’ herself, said in a statement. “This time around, love feels less like a battle cry and more of a cry of total relief because it’s finally different. I’m still learning about everything that love is, but I definitely know what love is not.”

Last year, Diaz made her ANTI- debut with History of a Feeling. Check out our Artist Spotlight interview with Madi Diaz.

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