Lucien Laviscount Upped To Series Regular As Alfie – Deadline

Emily’s love life will continue to be complicated in Darren Star’s Netflix dramedy Emily In Paris. Lucien Laviscount, who played Emily’s (Lily Collins) Season 2 love interest Alfie, will be back next season and has been promoted to a series regular. The announcement was made during Emily In Paris‘ panel at Paley Fest.

Born and raised in London, Alfie (Laviscount) is a sarcastic and charming cynic. Alfie and Emily met in French class and their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship. Season 2 ended with Alfie returning to the UK and Emily about to reveal her real feelings for Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) when she finds out that Camille had moved in back with him, creating yet another obstacle for the star-crossed lovers.

In the series, Emily, an ambitious marketing executive from Chicago, unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing company — and she is tasked with revamping their social media strategy.

In season 2, now more entrenched in her life in Paris, Emily’s getting better at navigating the city but still struggling with the idiosyncrasies of French life. After stumbling into a love triangle with her neighbor (Bravo) and her first real French friend (Camille Razat), Emily is determined to focus on her work — which is getting more complicated by the day. In French class, she meets a fellow expat (Laviscount) who both infuriates and intrigues her.

Star is creator, executive producer and showrunner of Emily In Paris, which became Netflix’s most viewed comedy series of 2020. The series is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, Darren Star Productions, and Jax Media. In addition to Star, additional executive producers include Tony Hernandez (JAX Media), Lilly Burns (JAX Media) and Andrew Fleming. Raphaël Benoliel, Stephen Brown, Lily Collins, Shihan Fey and Jake Fuller are producers.

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