Long Live the Men’s Pinky Ring

Maybe it’s also so alluring because of its association with the mafia—at least fictional bosses. Who can forget the image of Tony Soprano inhaling a cigar with his ruby and gold pinky ring shoved onto his large-little finger? Playing cards. Making deals. Burying loads of cash (or a body) with a shovel. His cohorts like Peter Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri and Big Pussy Bonpensiero also wear pinky rings, as do characters in Goodfellas and The Godfather. And while he’s not quite mafia, there’s always the lovable parasite and gambling-addicted diamond dealer Howie, in Uncut Gems. Played by Adam Sandler, the man is the definition of sleaze with a pinky ring, which goes well with his Ferragamo belt and iced-out watch. You know that you’re getting two things from a man who wears a pinky ring: risk, and cash.

Howie, played by Adam Sandler, in Uncut Gems. Photo: courtesy of Everett Collection

When I asked on Instagram what people thought about pinky rings, my DMs were flooded with “HOT” and “loveeeee!” Turns out young men–and not just older mafiosi—are wearing them, too. GQ writer Sam Hine loves the style, and purchased an antique gold signet pinky ring from Lara Koleji and another from Popular Jewelry. “They make me feel like the son of a lapsed aristocracy,” says Hine. Jewelry designer Heath Wagoner wears his grandmother’s wedding ring as a pinky ring on his left hand, and an initial ring on his right. “They are a great dip into the jewelry world,” he says. “They also escape the fragility of masculinity.” Sam Deutsch, a model and student, gave a sentimental reason as well. His is a piece that his mother bought for his father. “It was laying around his dresser for probably a decade,” he says. “After I graduated from high school (and watched The Sopranos), I figured it was about time I had a pinky ring myself.” Deutsch got it fixed and he’s been “rockin’ it” ever since.

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