Lisa Kudrow says Friends creators had ‘no business’ writing about people of colour : entertainment

I lived in NYC during Friends actual run. My real life friends and I would always get together to watch “must-see TV”. I lived in Manhattan for 8 years, went out with all of my friends friends from work and childhood. My friends called me the “International House of Dating” because I had dates from all over- and I only knew in real life, as a friend, ONE black person. He was the emcee at a comedy club I went to 3 nights a week, and he came over to my apartment twice.

One drunk night , stumbling around a neighborhood I didn’t know with a random Real Estate broker my age, I needed to use a pay phone and we found a club that was open and walked in and were halfway to the back of the room when we realized that EVERY PERSON in the room was a well-dressed black Professional. Staring at us, politely, but definitely wondering what we were doing there. We made apologies and stumbled out.

Friends was exactly like real life for young white people in Manhattan, in my experience, except of course, for the real estate.

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