Age of Acne Is Getting Younger Than Ever

Getting your first zit is one of those rites of passage that no one looks forward to, and these days, having to deal with that milestone moment is happening earlier than ever. In fact, dermatologists have noted more and more cases of acne from younger patients at prepubescent ages in the last few years. One … Read more

The 14 Best Amazon Prime Day Makeup Deals

Jonathan StoreyGetty Images Just in case you didn’t know already, you can buy almost every single makeup item you need from Amazon. I’m all for spending a pretty penny or two on the latest and greatest eyeshadow palette, but when I’m on a budget, Amazon has everything you need to create a stellar makeup bag, … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s Blond Lob Haircut in NYC

It may be summer, but Kim Kardashian is keeping it icy. On June 21, the shapewear mogul showed off her fresh blond lob haircut on her way to promote her new skin-care line, Skkn, on the “Today” show. She left the Ritz-Carlton in New York wearing Balenciaga pantaleggings with her hair just grazing her shoulders … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s Diamond Nails Match Her Engagement Ring

Image Source: Getty / Jamie McCarthy Jennifer Lopez loves a little bling. Just look at her iconic Super Bowl beauty look from a couple of years ago, her enormous engagement ring from Ben Affleck, and, most recently, her new diamond nail art, which threatens to rival the sparkle of the above-listed jewelry. Tom Bachik, Lopez’s … Read more

Blackheads: Removal, Treatments, and Tips

Image Source: Getty / yuuurin Flatter than a pimple, and not remotely as pleasing to pop, blackheads are a common facial scourge that seem to plague even the most meticulously cared for complexions (as you may have discovered if you’ve woken up thisclose to someone’s face who, the night before, looked flawless). Some research suggests … Read more

What Is a Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure is a service that bridges podiatry and basic nail care. Medical pedicures focus on the health of your feet rather than aesthetics. Medical pedicures can treat cracked heels, calluses, broken nails, and more. Chances are you’ve gotten — or at least heard of — a regular pedicure, a spa pedicure, and even … Read more

A History of Men’s Makeup in 6 Mesmerizing Looks

“We think of men wearing makeup and embracing femininity as a modern concept, but it’s been happening for hundreds of thousands of years,” says makeup artist Darian Darling. Throughout her career, Darling has channeled her encyclopedic knowledge of beauty history into bold, directional looks that defy conventional ideas of gender and, in turn, celebrate the … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s Go-To Product for Shiny Hair Is Just $29

Jennifer Lopez’s hairstylist revealed the spray used to achieve her infamous shiny hair. She uses the Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray to perfect her glossy locks. The spray is available at Sephora and Amazon for $29. Jennifer Lopez, 52, is known for having some of the best hair in the business, and lucky for … Read more

Kim Kardashian is Nervous about the Launch of SKKN by Kim

“If I wasn’t nervous, I’d be a little worried,” says television star, executive producer, serial entrepreneur, and mother of four Kim Kardashian. “I’m really superstitious about projects before they launch. But this is a good nervousness—I hope the products really resonate with people and they understand why I’m launching the brand.” Every time a new … Read more

Bella Hadid’s New Micro Bangs Hairstyle

Leave it to Bella Hadid to make one of the most divisive haircut trends look chic. The model just debuted micro bangs, also known as baby bangs, following in the footsteps of Hunter Schafer, Zoë Kravitz, Charlize Theron, and dozens of other celebrities who’ve experimented with the bold look. Hadid snapped several Instagram selfies showing … Read more