Bella Hadid’s New Micro Bangs Hairstyle

Leave it to Bella Hadid to make one of the most divisive haircut trends look chic. The model just debuted micro bangs, also known as baby bangs, following in the footsteps of Hunter Schafer, Zoë Kravitz, Charlize Theron, and dozens of other celebrities who’ve experimented with the bold look. Hadid snapped several Instagram selfies showing … Read more

Opinion | Trump lies about CNN’s posture on the ‘big lie’

Placeholder while article actions load In a recent speaking engagement, former president Donald Trump told some small falsehoods about how CNN these days is handling “the big lie.” “Did you see what happened? They came out with a strong statement that they are prohibited, totally prohibited, from using the term ‘the big lie.’ They are … Read more


23-year-old Miles Gutierrez-Riley is the type of actor that doesn’t have to tell you he’s an actor. You see him at the bar or out in the streets and you know that face, that charisma, stays in front of the camera. Miles is the perfect balance of pretty-boy-fly and round-the-way-gworl. He’s a professional actor that … Read more

What a voice actor does in a workday

Placeholder while article actions load Welcome to The Work Day, a series that charts a single day in various women’s working lives — from gallery owners to stay-at-home parents to chief executives. In this installment, we hear from Bailey Varness, a voice actor who recorded a workday in June. Interested in contributing to a future … Read more

Here’s how many restaurants closed during the pandemic

Placeholder while article actions load The doomsday prophets materialized just days after indoor dining was shut down in major cities in March 2020. Chef, proprietor and activist Tom Colicchio predicted 75 percent of restaurants would close due to the pandemic (he would later downgrade his nightmare scenario to 40 to 50 percent). A month later, … Read more

Why adult acne is on the rise and what to do about it

Placeholder while article actions load It seems like a cruel trick from Mother Nature: At a time when you’re becoming concerned with fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you find yourself dealing with acne breakouts, too. This has become a noteworthy phenomenon during the coronavirus pandemic. A study in the December 2021 issue of … Read more

Goats with big appetites are front-line workers in fire prevention

Placeholder while article actions load A 10-acre wildfire fueled by dry vegetation and strong winds was racing toward a condominium complex in West Sacramento, Calif., last month when the flames suddenly slowed and fizzled, sparing the buildings. In the moment, it seemed like an act of divine intervention. In reality, it was the result of … Read more