Icelandic HR Platform 50skills Raises $2.59M to Transform Employee Onboarding

Reykjavik, Iceland – 50skills, a leading Icelandic HR SaaS and new-hire onboarding solution, has secured €2.5 million ($2.59 million) in funding to scale its solution for global markets, beginning with high-turnover industries in the Nordics and UK. The fundraising was led by Frumtak Ventures, a leading early-stage Icelandic VC firm. 50skills reduces the timeframe between … Read more

Non-KYC crypto trading exchange with low transaction fees

[This is a sponsored article with Poloniex.] When dipping your toes into cryptocurrency trading for the first time, many crypto veterans recommend picking the right crypto exchange platform. There are a number of things to consider, such as the number of tradeable cryptocurrencies available, the transactional fees, how secure it is, and how user-friendly the … Read more

Carolyn Hax: Is asking about kids intrusive, or making conversation?

Placeholder while article actions load Dear Carolyn: Could we please stop “making conversation” by asking whether people have children and how many? People struggle with infertility, decide to remain child-free, have lost a child somehow, don’t want to discuss reproductive decisions, etc. Please wait for people to just say, “My son just adopted a second … Read more

Ask Amy: My husband is nosy and reads over my shoulder

Placeholder while article actions load Dear Amy: I’m asking you to weigh in. My husband thinks that it’s fair game to read my computer or phone screen over my shoulder, even when I’m clearly writing or viewing something private. I’ve asked him many times over the years not to do this, but he refuses to … Read more

KFC’s new project, streetwear NFT Illuminati conspiracy

Last week, we saw a local artist who came up with an NFT Raya song, and MyEG promoting responsible car ownership and NFTs at a go. This week, we’ve got fast food and the Illuminati to talk about.  From food chain to blockchain We’ve previously covered the story of MyeongDong Topokki setting up an NFT … Read more

NFT sales collapse by 75.1% since September 2021

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed below belong solely to the author. It’s not the best of periods for the crypto world with the wipeout of Terra Luna and a market-wide drop in cryptocurrencies, with BTC falling below US$30,000 for the first time since December 2020. All of it is rather overshadowed, however, by the collapse of the … Read more

Aiven Secures $210 Million for Its Open-Source Cloud Data Platform

Aiven has one goal: to make data infrastructure simple. It does this through a combination of cloud providers and tools, along with open-source services. It allows people to create complete data infrastructures in a very short amount of time without sacrificing quality. Check out the following announcement to learn more about Aiven and what its … Read more

Komodor Lands $42 Million to Make Kubernetes Troubleshooting Easy

Kubernetes is an incredibly popular container management platform, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to manage and keep running smoothly. Komodor provides a solution to that, helping users automate Kubernetes troubleshooting, which helps turn chaos into clarity. You can learn more about Komodor by reading the following article. For a time, Kubernetes, the open … Read more