Lean Into Your Gift and Magic Will Happen, Advises Rachel Ngom, of ‘She’s Making an Impact’

Rachel Ngom, the founder of “She’s Making an Impact,” has had plenty of chances to help other women learn their unique selling points, or gifts, and how to share them with the world. Through her podcast and coaching, she has assisted countless women in leaning into their talents to create rich and rewarding lives.

But have you ever considered why she does what she does? To the multi-income-stream entrepreneur, it’s simple. “None of this would have been possible without a coach or mentor,” she shared. “Hiring a coach for myself was one of the most impactful things I ever did. Mentorship is so important!”

That’s why today, Ngom helps women find their gifts and have the courage to lean into them to create magic in their lives. The purpose-driven entrepreneur is making a positive difference in the lives of women via education on finances, generational wealth, and income streams.

Her classes and coaching take her lessons even deeper. Her new course, Success Without Stress, is coming out in January and is set to be the most exciting one yet.

Finding Success

Her path to the summit had its rocky parts, though.

“I got my master’s in social work and couldn’t find a job. So, we ended up broke, on food stamps, and with negative 400 dollars in our checking account,” admitted Ngom. “I had to get resourceful, selling everything out of our house so that I could afford to do a program that would teach me about making money through social media. The program was a catalyst and helped me create a six-figure network marketing business, showing me what was actually possible.”

While network marketing served her well for a few years, helping her and her husband get out of debt, it eventually stopped working for her.

“I needed to do something else because I was hustling my butt off with my network marketing company, and it wasn’t working anymore,” said Ngom.

That was when she hired her coach, who helped her find her genius zone, her gifts and helped her shift into teaching Pinterest as a lead generation tool. With her coach’s guidance, she quickly became known as the go-to Pinterest expert.

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