Lauren Sánchez Shares How She & Jeff Bezos Are Blending Their Families

“My greatest example is the relationship I have with my eldest son’s father, Tony,” she explained. “Tony and his wife [October “Tobie” Gonzalez] are my best friends. Tony and Tobie were at Thanksgiving with us [this year]. I’m so proud of it. My son looks at me, and he’s like, ‘I’m the luckiest boy in the world because I can have Thanksgiving with both my parents and they don’t have to be married.'”

Looking back on her journey, Sánchez shared of Gonzalez, “I learned how to co-parent with him, so I have more experience than Jeff might have.” But despite their close friendship, she admitted “it wasn’t always that way,” as there was friction between them in the past.

“That took about five years, but we always communicated,” she noted. “I’m not saying that being best friends with your ex is the end-all be-all. But you do need to be able to communicate.”

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