Labrinth and Billie Eilish to reportedly release new ‘Euphoria’ song ‘Never Felt So Alone’

Billie Eilish and Labrinth are reportedly set to officially release their song from the Euphoria soundtrack, ‘Never Felt So Alone’.

The track appears on the season two soundtrack of Zendaya’s hit HBO show, and Labrinth joined Eilish at her Los Angeles gig last December to perform the song.

Though no official recorded version has yet seen the light of day, both Labrinth and Eilish have teased that it could be arriving next week.

When the season two soundtrack arrived on Spotify, ‘Never Felt So Alone’ was absent, and has only existed on the show itself. The live version is frequently taken down from online sites.

Now, it looks set to finally arrive in recorded form next Friday (April 7).

Elsewhere on the Euphoria soundtrack, James Blake and Labrinth teamed up on a new song called ‘Pick Me Up’, while it also features Tove Lo’s ‘How Long‘ and Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Watercolor Eyes’.

Reviewing season two of the hit show, NME said: “If Euphoria season one was lauded for its ambition, then season two levels things up once more…The cinematography is top notch too, drawing out feelings of panic and claustrophobia, adrenaline and fear, until it feels like you’re in the scenes themselves rather than just watching them from your sofa.

Euphoria season two might have taken a long time to arrive but, with a clutch of new episodes that are darker, tougher and more intense than ever, it’s well worth the wait. Its teen subjects might start the new year off on a negative note, but it’s already setting the bar very high for TV in 2022.”

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