KITH ASICS GEL LYTE III 2022 15th Anniversary

Ronnie Fieg is practically synonymous with ASICS, as the two go back over 15 years. And to celebrate a decade and a half of time together, the duo is ushering in not just collaborative colorways of the EX-89 but also the much-beloved, and much more iconic GEL-LYTE III.

Revealed by Fieg himself over on IG, the upcoming KITH x ASICS GEL-LYTE IIIs are simple by design. Color, though present, plays a subtle role along both options, as only their Tiger Stripes are clad in vibrant dress. One pair, whose suedes are predominantly hued in grey, highlights said logo in a bright yellow; its counterpart, which is built on a cream base, instead opts for an equally bold shade of orange.

For a quick look at KITH’s latest set of GEL-LYTE IIIs, see below. At the time of writing this, a release date has not yet been revealed. It’s certain, however, that we’ll be seeing these before the end of the year.

In other news, LeBron just unveiled Two unreleased Nike LeBron 20 Colorways.

Ronnie Fieg KITH ASICS GEL LYTE III 2022 3

Ronnie Fieg KITH ASICS GEL LYTE III 2022 2

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