Kim Kardashian Takes a Daring Page From Carmen Electra’s Playbook

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

Today, Kim Kardashian posted a chic illusion, if you will, on Instagram. The social media star posted a photo of herself in what at first appeared to be a skirt. Though in the second slide, she revealed the full dress: a curve-skimming T-shaped silk number that boasted side cut-outs and was fastened with a thin plastic band across the back.

While the piece is custom-made, it is reminiscent of Stephen Sprouse’s design from his spring 1998 collection that was first worn by Kate Moss on the runway. Carmen Electra later sported the red hot piece back in 1998 at the MTV Awards. “It had a clear strap holding [it] on. It was a mystery as to how this dress stayed on. My boobs were kind of pouring out of the dress and I literally was on every ‘Worst Dressed’ list in that dress,” she told Vogue in an interview in 2017. “But I was looking at it [recently] and I was like, ‘It’s so covered today.’ In the ’90s, it was really hard [if] you wanted to wear sexy clothes.”

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