Kevin Durant Invests Into the Future of Social Networks – LA Tech Startup, Topia

The latest buzzwords “metaverse” and “NFT” have most likely slipped into a few of your latest conversations. There’s many questions to be asked when creating a universe within a universe.

The metaverse may seem complex and it may even feel like the second coming of the internet age. 

An LA tech startup has created the social network of the future. Topia is a fully customizable virtual gathering platform complete with NFT marketplaces. Specializing in the metaverse, this startup is actually solving the human connection issues that have arisen due to current social media standards. 

Oh! And did I mention NBA star Kevin Durant and business partner/manager Rich Kleiman’s Thirty Five Ventures made a massive investment into Topia. An undisclosed lump sum was invested into the belief of community and the future of human connection on social media. 

Kevin Durant’s portfolio is diverse and winning! Earning $75 million in 2021, with $44 million of it coming from off-court ventures, you could say he knows what he’s doing. Take his investment into Postmates back in 2016 that scored him $15 million with the Uber acquisition in 2020.

Thirty Five Ventures Success: 

  • Signed a multi-year partnership with Coinbase
    • Early investment in the crypto space, 2017 
    • Joined $100 million round at a $1.6 billion valuation
    • Coinbase $100 billion IPO 2021 = 61x returns 
  • Joined $100 million series B round for OpenSea
    • OpenSea is the leading NFT auction platform
    • Round valued at $1.5 billion
    • Surpassed $10 billion in NFT sales, November 2021
  • Invested in Robinhood, 2017
    • App to trade stock and exchange cryptocurrencies commission-free
    • Round valued at $1.2 billion
    • 2021 IPO valued at $32 billion 
    • Over 30 million users

Topia falls under 35V’s investment portfolio umbrella of fintech, cryptocurrency, health and wellness, media, etc, while aiming to educate within each market. Each startup shares mutual goals of bringing people together to form communities (Durant’s blog, boardroom and charity foundation).

Add “confluencer” to the buzzword list because Topia believes “influencers stand apart, confluencers bring people together.” Topia’s main focus is facilitating relationships that are usually accumulated from in-person attractions like museums, concerts and social experiences. Every member has the ability to create virtual art, worlds and portals, and most importantly, the ability to collaborate and share.

KD’s 6’9, long and lean stature looks absolutely nothing like Topia’s avatar. However, he can still create an entire world designed specifically to his exact memories, concerts, sports highlights, favorite places, while educating, showcasing art, hosting events or collaborating with other creators. As your 2D Topia bubble-buddy navigates unique and creative worlds, synchronicity ignites when video chats appear from members based on proximity – replicating the universe’s take on “right place at the right time.”

As social networks are evolving, Topia is supporting new and emerging markets where users unlock economic value. Forming memories at a low cost is top of mind, yet, Topia’s ahead of the curve with their ability to list NFT’s directly into their social media platform. The buying and selling of digital creations brings us back to buzzwords and the future.

With the success of Thirty Five Ventures and their impressive investments into the metaverse, NFT’s and cryptocurrency, Topia is a startup to watch. 

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