Kendall Jenner Puts a Downtown Twist on the Loafer

Today, Kendall Jenner stepped out in Beverly Hills wearing a deliciously luxe look. The model opted for a rich suede trench coat that she paired with a shoulder bag by The Row. (It’s not the first time the model has worn the quiet-luxury label, either.) From the waist-down, Jenner went for a low-key effect. She wore a pair of bootcut blue jeans and a pair of black leather loafers with socks—the de facto downtown-cool look.

The socks and loafers combo has long been a city-chic signature. Zoë Kravitz often wears them with short shorts or mini skirts, while fellow umlaut-boasting babe Chloë Sevigny has worn them with everything from tailored shorts to dad jeans to dresses.

The reason why the combination works so well is simple: It juxtaposes something polished (loafers) with something casual (white socks). Elevated yet down-to-earth, they can dress up any casual look without the try-hard factor. In Jenner’s outfit, the socks and loafers marries the casualness of the denim with the elegance of her coat.

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