Katie Holmes Reveals the 3 Spring Essentials She’s Excited to Wear This Season

When it comes to effortless dressing, Katie Holmes is the queen of minimalism. Sure, she often works with a team of stylists—like most celebrities—but there’s an undeniable sense of ease in each of her outfits, whether she’s posing on the red carpet or running errands in New York City. When asked about the hero items that help her consistently put together winning outfits, Holmes revealed that there are three wardrobe essentials that ensure she always looks (and feels) her best, especially during the spring and summer months.

“I’m very excited for the seasons to change because a movie that I made last year is going to the Tribeca Film Festival this summer,” Holmes told Vogue during Kate Spade’s fall 2022 preview. “The festival isn’t until June, but I’ve been thinking about all the things that I’ll be wearing this spring and eventually in the summer for those events.”

If you’re curious to know the exact items Holmes has in mind, you’ll find all of her sartorial plans ahead. Read on to discover the wardrobe-making pieces she’s counting on as temperatures heat up.

The Dress Decorated With Flowers

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