Kate McKinnon And Ego Nwodim Imitated Iconic Catwomen With Zoë Kravitz On SNL

Live from New York, it’s Caturday night!

Zoë Kravitz hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and she was joined by several of her fellow Catwomen.

Well, sort of. Michelle Pfeiffer and Eartha Kitt were clearly not there in person, but they were there in spirit by way of SNL cast members Kate McKinnon and Ego Nwodim.

Zoë started off her monologue talking about The Batman and how she prepared to play Catwoman before she was interrupted by Kate-as-Michelle.


As for Zoë’s Catwoman prep? “I watched the movie musical Cats every day for a year.”

This was quickly followed by Ego, who got Eartha Kitt’s voice down perfectly.


Eartha Kitt was the first Black woman to play Catwoman, and she appeared in the Batman TV series from the 1960s.

The last two cat people to join them on stage were Aidy Bryant as a cat lady and Chris Redd as Katt Williams, who were both there to meet musical guest Rosalía.

Zoë was eventually able to get through the rest of her monologue, but not before the assembly of cat people agreed to fight crime together.

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