Johnny Depp Takes Stand at Defamation Trial Against Amber Heard : entertainment

I’ve been watching the whole trial while I recover from my second surgery in the past 3 months. I really feel he’s genuinely a good guy who has substance abuse disorder and she is a toxic person who took full advantage of that. That said, I don’t think he’s a total saint when all the cards are down. And very well may have done questionable stuff under opioid addiction that he doesn’t even remember. But, not nearly the stuff she’s either exaggerating or straight fabricating. I’ve survived domestic battery from a roxy and oxy abuser, so I’m not speaking out of my ass. I pressed charges on my abuser and left with no money, because I had nothing unlike her. I feel right to question her account. I’m very defensive that her possibly making false claims will make it harder for real victims, with no support to leave, be made harder to believe.

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