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I personally haven’t seen anyone up in arms up amber’s good name being ruined. I have seen people defend amber’s claims of abuse. However, Depp defenders go beyond defending him. They’re making up entire narratives that isn’t supported by reality. They pretend as if Depp has never done anything wrong in his life and is a sweet cinnamon roll.

If this was reversed, amber would still be dragged because society isn’t kind to women who stand up for themselves. Think I’m lying, look into how Meg thee Stallion is being treated despite being fucking shot. People are defending the man who shot her and making up lies about how she’s trying to ruin him for whatever reason.

Whether or not someone would see amber as a hero if the shoe was on the other foot, doesn’t change the fact that she would’ve still gotten hate and crude remarks thrown her way. They would still blame her.

Apparently it’s all Amber’s fault that Johnny’s career is in shambles, despite him still being cast in the HP franchise after her allegations in 2016. He wasn’t dropped from any projects and, I believe, she actually suffered career wise as a result of her allegations. She faced harassment due to her claims, which is why she wrote the op-ep.

For two years, Johnny’s career was unaffected, despite people hearing or believing he was a wife beater until he sued The Sun and lost. If he hadn’t done that and left it alone, people either would’ve ignored it or wouldn’t give a shit—you know, like they do with many actors who are abusers. Instead, he got the Sun to prove their case, which is why he was dropped from fantastic beasts.

There were others things going on during this time, Johnny pressured amber to sign an nda if she wanted to dissolve their marriage. That nda included not talking about his personal business. Perhaps that makes sense for a man of his stature, generally speaking, or perhaps he was trying to prevent her from airing his dirty laundry as an abuser, but we won’t/don’t know because she couldn’t/can’t speak on it. He also had a second nda where he refused to produce his financial records, which dragged out the divorce. This was seen as an uncommon divorce tactic. Now why would someone who wants their nightmare to be over drag out a divorce?

From what I understand, amber barely spoke about Johnny. The reason I heard a lot about their post divorce troubles was due to Johnny. Again, from 2016-2018 Johnny’s career was largely fine. Then he sues the Sun and his career starts spiraling. But also, there was an article detailing that Johnny burned many bridges due to his erratic behavior as a result of his extensive drug and alcohol abuse. The quickest way to trash your career is by burning bridges with people who employee you, who can get you employed, or people who know people who know people. Johnny did exactly that. As a result, many Hollywood people stopped employing, defending, and protecting him—the ones who get him work or allow him to stay with roles.

What else happened, Johnny, I believe, was the one who launched two lawsuits before amber launched a counter suit. Johnny is the reason this was kept in the public eye and why this has become a spectacle. He lost his first lawsuit, and then filed one in America because he was dealt a massive blow. All during this time, amber was largely quiet and was keeping her head down.

If amber did any of the shit Johnny has been doing, she’d be treated far worse than she is now.

How exactly is he a “hero”? I’m not saying amber is either, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there and people pretending that amber was this untouchable figure until now. No, she got harassment when she first made her allegation and, before Johnny’s lawsuit, support about her claims never reached the heights of the vocal Johnny supporters which has been building since 2016 and even more after 2018 and shot up in 2020.

In 2022, there has been an explosion of support that amber never got when she accused him of abuse. And it wasn’t bc ppl always knew Johnny was innocent, it’s literally bc many ppl hate women and think we’re liars. Because if amber did produce whatever evidence y’all need to be convinced of, she wouldn’t even get 1/100th of the support Johnny is getting now. She barely did in 2016.

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