Joe Rogan show paused since host’s apology with no Spotify comment : entertainment

I’m not a certified Rogan fan by any means… and I’m definitely pro vax and have had my booster, etc.

I really think this whole ordeal is rather silly. I love my Spotify and will not get rid of it. I’ve watched maybe a dozen or two Rogan interviews over the years, mostly YouTube.

Neil Degrasse Tyson, famous retired Navy Seals giving chilling accounts of their service, ex CIA guy talking geopolitics, Musk, Joey Díaz is always hilarious, etc etc.

He doesn’t claim to have the answers, he’s open to talking about a LOT of things, and generally speaking his podcasts are a bit refreshing with how natural the conversations are, willing to go down any tangent… but do I sop up everything he or his guests say? Fuck no.

But even with the stuff I disagree with, it’s at least enlightening to hear their reasonings/explanations behind their convictions.

I don’t think these headlines and accusations really paint an accurate picture of him or his show. Very distorted. How many anti-vax guests has he had on? How many shows have people crying wolf even seen?

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