Joe Rogan calls Amber Heard ‘crazy,’ says trial is a ‘win’ for Johnny Depp

If Howard Stern thinks Johnny Depp is a “disaster,” it’s only fitting that Joe Rogan is on the opposite end of the spectrum. The controversial Spotify podcast host called Amber Heard a “crazy lady” and believes this defamation trial is a “big win” for the actor.

“I’m watching this trial, and like, it’s a cautionary tale. It’s a cautionary tale about believing in bull****,” the podcaster began on Tuesday’s The Joe Rogan Experience. “You’re seeing all the crazy come out … He talked about her s****** in his bed!”

Rogan is referring to Depp’s claim that Heard, or one of her friends, left “fecal matter” in their marital bed after she initiated a fight. A photo was shown in court last week.

“[Amber] said that she used this specific makeup to cover all of her bruises that Johnny gave her, which is not true,” he continued. “The problem is it was a specific makeup and it turns out, the company didn’t even make that makeup at the time she claimed she was using it!”

Milani Cosmetics weighed in on the trial as Heard’s lawyer claimed in his opening statement how the actress used the company’s “All In One Correcting Kit” to cover injuries sustained by Depp. The Aquaman star filed for divorce from Depp in 2016, one year before Milani Cosmetics says the brand launched that product.

“But that’s what happens with people like that. People that are just completely manipulative and full of s*** like that,” Rogan continued. The commentator then repeated something stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope said about Heard, whom he knows.

“Stanhope’s buddies with Johny Depp. He wrote something … like a little essay about how full of s*** she is and she threatened to sue him,” Rogen said. “He knows her well and he’s like, ‘She’s out of her f****** mind.’ Like, a crazy actress! Those are real. There’s a lot of them.”

Rogen added, “Everyone knows now, like, there’s something wrong with her. There’s some sort of mental issue.”

“This is a big win for Johnny Depp,” he concluded. “And a big loss for Pirates of the Caribbean! … You got rid of the best f****** pirate you ever had! For a crazy lady!”

Heard’s mental health was a big topic in court on Tuesday. Forensic psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry, who spent 12 hours evaluating the actress, testified that the actress showed signs of borderline and histrionic personality disorders. Curry, who is not board certified, also reviewed “all the case documents” as part of her evaluation. (Heard, who is expected to testify in the coming weeks, has not publicly disclosed any type of personality disorder.)

Mayo Clinic says those with borderline personality disorder “have an intense fear of abandonment or instability, and you may have difficulty tolerating being alone. Yet inappropriate anger, impulsiveness and frequent mood swings may push others away, even though you want to have loving and lasting relationships.”

A person with histrionic personality disorder, per Mayo Clinic, is “constantly seeking attention, excessively emotional, dramatic” and “speaks dramatically with strong opinions, but few facts or details to back them up.”

Dr. Jessica Taylor, a psychologist specializing in the victim blaming of women subjected to male violence, issued a statement calling Curry’s diagnosis “predictable and lazy.”

“Thousands of women just like Amber, who call out the abuse of their male partners and ex partners, will be ordered to have psychiatric evaluations which more often than not, diagnose her with a personality disorder in order to discredit her testimony. Like Amber, most women go into that evaluation believing they will be listened to, only to find that they have been recast as mentally ill, attention seeking, borderline and histrionic,” Taylor tells Yahoo Entertainment.

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