Jim Jones Says There’s No Issue w/ Freddie Gibbs After Beatdown Rumors

Jones says he has no issues with Freddie Gibbs weeks after Jim and his crew allegedly beat the rapper down.

“I don’t know what you talkin’ about… I don’t know of any issue,” Jim told Angela Yee.

Yee then brought up Gibbs’ sold-out NYC show.

“Let that man come get his money! This is the city! This the city of love. Let that man come get some of that money, man. It’s the city of love. Get your bag, man. It’s a good time out here in the world, you dig?” he said. “Media puts things way further than things need to be and sh*t like that. I ain’t not into that, you heard? Its silence never betrayed me. I’m cool. Let that man come get this money.”

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