Jennifer Lopez Reveals New Photos from Georgia Wedding with Ben Affleck: ‘This Is Heaven’

Jennifer Lopez is letting fans in on the romantic details of her and husband Ben Affleck‘s weekend wedding festivities.

The couple celebrated their nuptials Saturday, Aug. 20, alongside friends and family on the grounds of Affleck’s 87-acre compound outside Savannah, Georgia.

In her On the JLo newsletter Thursday, Lopez — who wore a white Ralph Lauren gown with a long, flowing train and veil at the weekend ceremony — offered a play-by-play of the day from the moment she walked down the “aisle that would lead me toward the rest of my life.”

“When he saw me appear at the top of the stairs that moment it both made absolute sense while seeming still impossibly hard to believe, like the best dream, where all you want is never to awaken,” she wrote. “I would have had many of the same thoughts probably had I not been focusing so hard on not tripping over my dress, but when I got close enough to see his face, it made the same wonderful sense to me.”

Added Lopez, “Some old wounds were healed that day and the weight of the past finally lifted off our shoulders. Full-circle — and not at all the way we planned it. Better.”

Lopez shared a quote from Affleck’s 2016 movie Live By Night that resonated with her — and that he included in a speech at their reception: “This is heaven. Right Here. We’re in it now.” She explained, “That is one of my favorite lines that Ben wrote from a movie he directed called Live By Night. He also said it the night of our wedding reception in his speech, and I thought…how perfect.”

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Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Wedding

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Wedding

OnTheJLo and John Russo Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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After they originally dated from 2002 to 2004, Affleck and Lopez rekindled their romance last year and announced their engagement this past April. The couple tied the knot at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas during an intimate midnight ceremony in July.

In her newsletter, Lopez, 53, said she and Affleck, 50, “laughed the night before about getting married again at our age.” She explained, “We had both been married before and we aren’t exactly kids any more but somehow now seemed like the only age that made sense.”

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Wedding

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Wedding

OnTheJLo and John Russo Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The Marry Me singer/actress added, “The truth is everyone’s story is different and we all have our paths to travel. No two people are the same. But for us, this was perfect timing. Nothing ever felt more right to me, and I knew we were finally ‘settling down’ in a way you can only do when you understand loss and joy and you are battle tested enough to never take the important things for granted or let the silly insignificant nuisances of the day get in the way of embracing every precious moment.”

“We find ourselves in that long-desired time of life: having gratitude for all that life has shown us, even its trials and tribulations. That night really was heaven,” she wrote.

Lopez said they “couldn’t have been happier.”

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck wedding

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck wedding

John Russo/OntheJLo

“Years ago, we had no idea the road ahead would mean navigating so many labyrinths and hold so many surprises, blessings and delights. It all culminated in this moment, one of the most perfect of our lives,” she shared. “We couldn’t have been happier. I wish all of you the same kind of happiness…the hard-earned kind that’s all the sweeter for the journey that came before it.”

Some stars in attendance for the Georgia festivities included Affleck’s longtime friends Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, director Kevin Smith and his wife Jennifer, Clerks actor Jason Mewes and his wife, Jordan Monsanto, and top Hollywood talent agent Patrick Whitesell and his wife, model/actress Pia Miller. Affleck’s actor brother Casey, 47, was unable to attend but welcomed Lopez to the family on Instagram.

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