Jennifer Lopez Combined All Her Style Signatures Into One Outfit

It would be pretty easy to dress up as Jennifer Lopez for Halloween. The superstar has an extremely personal, diva-worthy signature style. Over the years, the star has continued to wear a handful of specific items on a steady rotation—whether that be her choice of coats, shoes, or water bottles (we’ll get to that). Yesterday in Los Angeles, Lopez incorporated all of her fashion obsessions into a singular, fabulously cozy outfit.

Choosing to keep warm, Lopez first piled on a gigantic faux fur coat, which is what you can see her rocking pretty much every winter. She then paired it with her iconic Timberland boots, the chunky footwear she’s been sporting since her “Jenny From The Block” music video. In her hands, she also carried a white, crystal-covered water bottle; Lopez always hydrates in style, and she’s carried a variety of bedazzled cups over the years. 

To top off her look, Lopez piled on some huge, sleazy-chic aviators—an accessory that she always chooses to punctuate an ensemble, no matter the season. Thrown all together, this is pretty much the ultimate J.Lo outfit. If she were a Pokémon, she’d be her ultimate form!

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