Jennifer Garner Absolutely Loses It Over Donny Osmond Surprise For 50th Birthday

No wishing dust necessary: Jennifer Garner got exactly what she wanted for her (13 Going On) 50th birthday over the weekend.

The “Alias” alum rang in the milestone celebration a few days early with a pre-birthday surprise from none other than her childhood idol Donny Osmond.

In a video shared to her Instagram on Friday, an already overwhelmed Garner sits at a restaurant as she watches a personalized video from the legendary singer serenading her over the phone. But, little does she know, Osmond is also slowly sneaking up behind her with a cake in hand.

“Jennifer! It’s your birthday!” Osmond exclaims, which naturally prompts Garner to almost keel over in shock and then remove her sweater because she’s “so hot.”

Eventually, Garner recovers from the surprise in time to embrace Osmond, who presents her with a cake decorated with the words “13 Going on 50! Love Donny!” written in icing, which, of course, is a nod to her classic film.

Then, the two sing a rendition of Donny & Marie’s 1975 hit “Make the World Go Away” at the table with a clearly ecstatic Garner beaming at the camera.

“My first (pre)birthday surprise was a doozy — the one and only, legend in his own time, object of my childhood adoration and devotion— @donnyosmond showed up to knock my purple socks off,” Garner captioned the video, referring to the singer’s signature piece of apparel.

“He took an hour and a half of his day to sit with me, sing my favorites, and to give me a master class on how to be a class act,” she continued. “Thank you, Donny. 💜 Hi, @marieosmond. ☺️ I hope to meet you someday, Debbie.”

Osmond said in his own TikTok post that he was “overjoyed” to participate in her celebration, adding, “Surprising fans is one of my favorite things to do, so when I had the opportunity to surprise the lovely @Jen Garner for her 50th birthday, I was overjoyed.”

He then invited Garner to be his “special guest on stage” at an upcoming concert.

The Golden Globe winner has long expressed her affection for Osmond.

Back in 2019, when Katie Couric shared a throwback video of the singer and his family performing alongside Cher in sparkly purple jumpsuits, Garner confessed in the comments, alongside a kissing emoji, that he was her “number one biggest crush of all time.”

Osmond responded at the time by joking, “Miraculous that those jumpsuits didn’t scare you away.”

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Ahead of her milestone birthday, Garner took to Instagram earlier this week to share some “wisdom” with her followers alongside a photo of herself relaxing on a boat.

“Wisdom from Mom — happiness is your own responsibility,” she wrote. “The life you’re living while you wait for the grade, the college, the job, the man, is your actual life. Decide to enjoy it and work towards your own peace and contentment.”

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