It’s Time To Dissect The White Lotus S2 Costume Design

“Since it’s about people going on holiday, we crank it up deliberately as there’s a certain amount of projecting that we all do when packing our suitcases,” Bovaird says. “We ask, Who do I want to be on vacation? Did I go out and buy certain things? Am I upping my game because I’m in Italy? This adds an extra element to the design, which is super fun.” With film credits including The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Jordan Peele’s Nope, Bovaird’s work almost requires a second pair of eyes to spot all its greatness. Take, for example, the floral dress in episode three that foreshadowed this season’s finale. “The babydoll dress was something we made ourselves from some beautiful Emanuel Ungaro fabric,” Bovaird says. “We needed six of them in total.” With brands such as Moschino, JW Anderson and Casablanca making appearances on the small screen, there were clearly plenty of eyes on the costumes this season.

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