Is Tulum the Cultural Center of Web3?

Tulum Crypto Fest is coming to show the world why.

Tulum’s exquisite beauty is everywhere – from its clear, crystal blue sea water to its cleansing and transcendent cenotes, it is a magical place with extraordinary energy and pull. This shiny gem on the Mayan Riviera has always been a place of great importance and energy. The ancient Mayan name for Tulum is Zama, meaning City of Dawn. Zama was an important trading hub, where the Mayans built a beautiful temple.

Tulum has always been a cultural center. Digital nomads, technologists, crypto enthusiasts, and eco-warriors from all over the world (author included) have flocked to Tulum since realizing that WFH (work from home) could in fact mean WFB (work from the beach).

Tulum Beach

Tulum Crypto Fest (TCF), May 12-15, plans to shine a spotlight on this “barefoot luxury” lifestyle. Tulum has become a portal to a life of business mixed with pleasure, while surrounded by nature.

The festival theme “Where nature meets technology” unites the two worlds through an IRL techno-luxury experience connecting with the brightest minds in Defi, planet freethinkers, and eco-conscious builders, along with excellent content and networking. TCF is a non-traditional festival that features renowned international speakers, unique interactive experiences and a spotlight on the boho-chic decentralized way of life that has become a magnet for the world.

TCF has partnered with NFT Boutique in Tulum to provide an “NFT Boutique at the Beach” experience through holographic NFT displays in the Papaya Playa Project courtyard, where the festival will be centered.

NFT Boutique is also excited to present a special daily happy hour during the fest from 5-8pm featuring Crypto Art and Culture exhibit by Aaron Koenig.

More Women in Crypto courtesy of Justine Jade

The festival itself takes place in the beautiful beachside eco-hotel, Papaya Playa Project (PPP), a hotel that is emblematic of Tulum’s boho chic. TCF will be an immersive experience featuring 5-star service and unique experiences accessible only to attendees. These include a private cenote event, healing and wellness, and evening activities including top DJs. Attendees can truly have a taste the barefoot luxury lifestyle Tulum offers.

The Yucatan Peninsula has around 6,000 cenotes (pronounced seh-NO-tay), which is Spanish for “sinkhole.”

For tickets to Tulum Crypto Fest, use this link and code NFTBoutique for a discount! See you at the beach!

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