Imaan Hammam Beauty Interview | Who What Wear

If you had to leave the house in five minutes, what are a few staple beauty products you’d apply or bring with you?

I like to keep my beauty products minimal in the morning, whether it’s before a day full of errands or if I’m going to a shoot. I’ll always apply a hydrating moisturizer with SPF along with a good rose-water spray and rose oil. It calms my pores and smells like heaven! Makeup-wise, I usually curl my lashes and add a light layer of mascara, then apply a lip balm because my lips always need to be hydrated. I might also throw on a rose blush.

As someone constantly going from job to job in many different parts of the world, keeping a mini fragrance on me is a must. Being a big rose person, the Sublime Rose travel spray is my go-to for this. A little spritz goes a long way and is the perfect way to touch up your beauty routine without requiring more than a few seconds of effort.

Can you walk me through your skincare routine, both morning and night?

I love having a simple approach to my regime in the morning and at night. Lately for the summertime, I start my routine by cleansing my face and follow with a nice rose oil. Then, I’ll apply a moisturizer with SPF. With the heat right now, I tend to keep my makeup light and will often curl my lashes, and that’s about it. Sometimes, I’ll even put on a red lip. It all depends on the day and occasion.

For my nighttime routine, the first thing I like to do is make sure my setting is peaceful and tranquil by lighting some incense, especially when it’s been a busy day at work. As I mentioned, I don’t typically wear a lot of makeup every day but will start with a nice cleansing oil to remove anything left over from makeup and/or sunscreen throughout the day. After patting my face dry, I’ll move on to my second cleanse with a gel cleanser. Next, I’ll apply a hydrating mist to both my face and hair and follow with some refreshing rose oil, which I’ll massage into the skin on my face and neck. To finish, I lightly apply an eye cream, usually something with vitamin C to help brighten skin and target any dark circles under my eyes.

Tell me about your work with She’s the First.

I first got involved with global nonprofit organization She’s the First in 2019 when I took a learning trip to visit girls in Gambia and realized that I had the power to make a change for the better and utilize my platform for good. Dreaming big is important no matter where in the world you are, which is why this collaboration with Tory Burch on the Essence of Dreams collection means so much to me. As an ambassador for She’s the First—which works to ensure girls everywhere are educated, respected, and heard—I believe every girl should live in a world of endless possibilities.

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