I’m in My Cozy-Girl Era—6 Comfy Trends I’m Prioritizing

I’ve always found it challenging to describe my style in three words. Some may call me indecisive, but I consider myself overtly conscious. But despite the struggle, there’s one word I’m confident would be in my sartorial description—cozy. Why? I’m the girl who always needs a blanket on my legs to get any work done. I own sweatpants from The Frankie Shop and Staud because I consider them acceptable to wear out. I’ve worn my Mini Uggs almost every day in the past month. If there’s something that’ll feel like a warm hug, I’ll take it. I might have prefaced this piece by saying I’m in my cozy-girl era, but in reality, it’s become a lifestyle. And now that winter has come around, there are a few trends I’m putting at the front of the closet to keep my comfort levels thriving.

If your motto is comfort over everything, look no further. Below, I’ve rounded up six trends that meet my standards when it comes to easy and relaxed dressing. I’ll give you a head start—expect built-in scarves, wool coats, and baggy striped sweaters. To see and shop them all, keep scrolling

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