I Have Trouble Getting Projects Made Because I’m Not ‘at a Kim Kardashian Level’ of Fame : entertainment

“I feel like I’m at a place where it is what it is,” Theron said. “Working more isn’t, I think, going to change my level of fame. It just has always been a mediocre ride. I’ve never been one of those people that’s at a Kim Kardashian level. But I feel like it’s just always been this thing.”

Charlie Theron won the genetic lottery. She’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She’s rich. She’s won an Oscar. She appears in major blockbuster franchises, like Fast and Furious and the MCU. She’s had a career that countless actors would kill to have.

All of that, and she calls it a “mediocre ride.”

It’s always weird to me to hear someone who seems like a life-long winner express such a defeatist attitude.

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