“I Completely Agree with and Support My Friend Neil Young” : entertainment

Mostly agree here, and I think the press (and a lot of people) are missing the forest for the trees here. While Spotify views itself as an audio streaming service it’s brand is really more about music, and this saga is shining a spotlight on the fracturing of a centralized source for streaming music. I expect in the next couple years music streaming will resemble tv/movie streaming, where properties are spread across a handful of platforms and gatekept with exclusive rights. Most people don’t want to pay for Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora… just like they don’t want to pay for HBO, Netflix, Amazon & Disney. Of course some do but in the end its a handful of corporations fighting over increasingly spread-thin monthly subscription dollars. Right now Spotify is losing some marquee musicians (some of whom, like Young, they spent a long time trying to get on the service) because of how invested they are in podcasts. Podcasts make them more money, mostly due to the advertising, but it seems like becoming a subscription service for podcast/talk-radio exclusives is just… not as exciting or enticing to most people. Anecdotally I am avid podcast listener and have never bothered with Spotify, I have a podcast provider that’s free and if one of the shows I listen to moved to exclusive on Spotify I would probably just stop listening.

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