Hypochlorous Acid Spray: TikTok Made Me Buy This Facial Mist Beloved For Its Eczema and Acne-Soothing Powers

“It is crazy how much this helps with acne and hormonal skin,” admits TikTok user Kilee Kearns revealing Tower 28’s hypochlorous acid spray. “[And] how this has reduced the redness and breakouts around my jaw.” She continues to explain that she’s obsessed with how well it works as a protective barrier atop her dry, acne-prone skin when she’s wearing a mask, too—making it a thoughtful solution for maskne. Users in Kearns’s comments share similar sentiments: “I have it, and def helps with redness and when skin is flaring up,” writes one. “It’s super versatile, I use it for my itchy scalp as well as my underarms,” writes another. It’s clear the spray has proven effective calming skin, even beyond the face.

Anyone with sensitive, acne-prone skin understands how difficult it is to find products that easily, quickly pacify skin without further irritation, a hefty price tag, or a trip to the dermatologist. It was this frustration with her sensitive, problem skin that led Amy Liu to start Tower 28 in the first place. “I’ve had severe eczema for most of my adult life, and used to rely on both topical and oral steroids to manage the flare-ups,” Liu tells Vogue. Before launching her brand, a friend recommended she try hypochlorous acid to treat inflammation. “The product she suggested worked wonders on my eczema below the neck, but I was still in search of a formula that was gentle enough for my face as well.”

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So, she knew Tower 28 had to feature a facial spray powered by the miracle ingredient—resulting in what we know now as the buzzy SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray that was pH balanced at 4.5 to keep it gentle and has even earned the National Eczema Association’s seal of approval. “We received incredible testimonials and before-and-afters that proved that our SOS Spray had impressive results on fighting acne, eczema, rosacea, sunburn, and even things like diaper rash on babies,” she recounts.

What’s more, the spray only contains three ingredients: water, salt, and hypochlorous acid—an ingredient naturally found in the body (white blood cells, to be exact) to combat foreign bodies and bacteria, as well as provide antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Per board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick, it’s typically unstable, but this formulation is stable and good for cosmetic use.

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