Howard Stern Wants Hospitals To Deny Care To The Unvaxxed : entertainment

My issue is that people who need other lifesaving surgeries aren’t getting them as doctors are just unavailable. They’re called “elective procedures” but includes surgeries for cancer and other serious illnesses. They may not need to be performed right this second so they get canceled, however if they’re not done in a timely fashion people will end up with fatalities over time.

If you don’t remove a tumor today and wait until tomorrow, it may not be a big deal. But if you’re leaving it for 3 months because hospitals are full of COVID patients, chances are the tumor will grow and lead to death.

So this is a scenario where I think certain procedures need to be placed before care for unvaccinated people.

Smokers pay very high taxes on cigarettes. It’s the same with alcohol. This is due to the burden on the healthcare system. Unvaccinated people have no such penalties.

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