How to Store Jewelry When Traveling

You’ve laid out your outfits. You’ve packed your most important beauty and makeup essentials in your toiletry bag. Now comes the final step in being ready to take on your next destination: packing the accessories. As we all know, a good pair of earrings, a necklace, or the right bracelet can totally tie together an ensemble. But no one wants to deal with tangled jewelry at their destination. Nor do they want to throw it haphazardly in their bag. Sure, you could wear it all on the plane, but most times it’s safer to pack it in your carry-on or personal item.

When you invest in good jewelry, you want to make sure it travels right. That’s where a travel jewelry case comes in. Plop your favorite rings, necklaces, watches, and more into the compartments of these functional cases and keep your best baubles organized and easy to find, no matter where you are.

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