How to Make a Fake Beyoncé Song, According to the ‘Swarm’ Music Team

Udeorji: A lot. [We’re] soundtracking Dre’s experience, and she loves Ni’Jah, so even if she’s just passively listening to Ni’Jah while she drives for 30 seconds, that’s a song. That happened numerous times.

Uzowuru: We made some other fake artists as well. There’s a Lil Gibble song in there.

Udeorji: There’s a Cache song at the Cache concert. There’s a fake Post Malone song when Hailey’s boyfriend is on the toilet.

Udeorji: [Laughing] There’s a fake Solange song!

Uzowuru: There’s a lot of music and cues. There’s a lot of things people might not even realize is actually going on. But that’s kind of the coolest thing, is that each time you watch, you can hear something different, or hear a new lyric, or understand how that lyric either plays with the scene or something that might have happened in real life.

Did you get any pushback about references that hit too close to home? Any angry phone calls yet?

Udeorji: Nah. I don’t think we did anything offensive. With our team overall, I don’t know, obviously there’s ways people perceive us, but nothing we do is ever malicious. Sometimes we’re just having fun, and then other times, it’s just what could carry a moment. But we didn’t do anything crazy in terms of music or lyrics or anything. And also, we not scared of nobody.

How would the story be different if Ni’Jah’s music was trash?

Uzowuru: That’d be kinda hilarious too, I’m not gonna lie. Just killing in the name of mid. I kinda like that. 

Udeorji: You gotta sell the world. For me, Michael just makes good music, and then you start with a baseline of good music, and that’s what it is. At baseline level, it just has to be good enough for the world.

Domonique Fishback is a crazed Stan for a Beyoncé-like pop star in Swarm.Courtesy of Prime Video

Who’s your favorite fictional musician from a movie or show?

Kirby: Ooh girl. The Five Heartbeats. Robert Townsend killed that..

Udeorji: Oh, I got one. I like the Willie Beamen song in, what’s the Oliver Stone joint? With Cameron Diaz? Damn, the football movie?

Any Given Sunday.

Udeorji: Yeah, when he’s like, [sings:] “My name is Willie Beamen, I keep the ladies creamin’.” It’s like, very Deion Sanders. That’s a great song.

Uzowuru: You know me, I like to keep it jovial and young, so I’mma go with The Beets in Doug. “Bangin’ on a trash can, strummin’ on the street lights,” “I need more allowance,” “Oh-ee-oh,” what?

Udeorji: Oh-ee-oh [“Killer Tofu”] was hard.

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