How to Decorate with Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year: Very Peri Decor

Last month, Pantone announced 2022’s color of the year, Very Peri—a purple-blue hue that mimics the night sky moments after sunset. Started as a marketing campaign in 2000, color of the year has since become an annual announcement reflecting trends in fashion, decor, and art. Pantone typically selects colors from its library of 15,000 shades, but Very Peri was developed as a new hue. The brand felt the challenges of the past two years warranted a hopeful color that illustrated how the digital and physical worlds have come together. 

While periwinkle may be a polarizing shade, it is both alluring and comforting. “Somehow it manages to cross both lines in that cheery and sexy range,” San Francisco-based interior designer Jay Jeffers says. Jeffers is opening a boutique hotel, The Madrona, in wine country later this spring, and Very Peri will be on some of the parlor walls. “Periwinkle is one of those colors that during the day, it captures the sunlight and it’s a happy color, but then you transition into the evening and it’s dark outside, and you light the candles and you dim the lights, and it has this very sexy quality to it.” We asked Jeffers how to use the color to update your home’s decor—below are his tips and 14 luxe Very Peri items to shop now. 

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