How to Buy a Telfar Bag

Telfar‘s Shopping Bag, commonly known as the “Bushwick Birkin,” is an It bag like none other. Featured on shows like “Insecure” and endorsed by celebrities like Beyoncé, Zoë Kravitz, and Lil Nas X, the rectangular carryall is not only a hot commodity, but for many, it’s also a powerful symbol of representation. When Liberian American founder Telfar Clemens launched his unisex label in 2005, he specified in his mission statement that he aims to redefine luxury. Rather than create a culture of exclusivity, his approach to luxury is “not for you, for everyone.” And with Shopping Bag styles retailing from $150 to $257, Clemens is indeed making luxury more accessible and inclusive.

All of this, plus the fact that the bags are vegan friendly and extremely functional, causes every Telfar bag drop to sell out in a matter of seconds, whether it’s a new colorway or an entirely new design. So fast, in fact, that the brand launched the Bag Security Program to ensure everyone who wants a Telfar bag can purchase one. Through the Bag Security Program, customers can buy as many Shopping Bags as they desire; the items are then made to order and shipped by a certain date.

And to keep its dedicated fan base on its toes, Telfar will be debuting a four-piece collaboration with an undisclosed brand on Friday, March 25. In a mysterious tweet shared on its official page, the brand wrote, , “YOU ASKED FOR IT — so we FINALLY made a ████, in collaboration with ████®, with ████, ████ and ████, ALL STYLES dropping MARCH 25— BLIND PRE-ORDER just in time for ████. ONLY at http://SHOP.TELFAR.NET.” The accompanying image was intentionally pixelated so as not to reveal anything. Will you blindly purchase a Telfar item? The brand is betting on yes, and based on the popularity of its previous launches, this drop will likely sell out, too.

Read on for everything to know about purchasing a Telfar bag.

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