How Tasha Baxter Uplifted the Bedroom Producer Community In the Darkness of the Pandemic –

From label releases to curated compilations, many artists have worked tirelessly to provide unheralded artists a platform for their voices to be heard. However, singer-songwriter and electronic music vet Tasha Baxter has taken a distinctly unique approach with her Full Moon Flex community.

Baxter launched Full Moon Flex around the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when she began to host streams during full moons.

“Honestly, I had just come back from performing with Camo & Krooked’s Symphonic Orchestra in Vienna when Covid hit South Africa and the rest of the world. Like bam,” Baxter tells “I started my server when I started my Patreon and then moved to Twitch to do live performances, group therapy sessions, artist interviews and sample flip challenges.”

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