How Supergoop!’s Makeup Setting Spray Helped Me Survive Coachella

When in the leadup to Coachella, most festival-goers are focusing on their outfits, I’m usually thinking more about what to pack in my purse. After all, going to the music festival is a brave three-day commitment—one battles the desert’s blistering heat, ungodly crowds, and humbling porta-potties. In essence, it’s just as glamorous as it’s not. So having a carefully curated arsenal of beauty products to make each day easier to get through is imperative.

Out of all of the items I was able to squish into my mini Polène crossbody bag this year, the stand-out star was, no doubt, my Supergoop! SPF-filled setting spray (Yes, it was just as crucial as my Charmin to-go seat covers). Whenever I felt like I was overheating, a few splashes cooled down my sweaty face and kept my makeup from melting off throughout the day. Not to mention, it amplified my protection from the sun, thanks to a whopping SPF 50.

The exact tube that I have is from a limited-edition Milly x Supergoop! collab that happened back in 2018. Yes, I still have a few pumps left, thanks to strategically rationed applications and a hiatus of music festivals in 2020 and 2021. If you’re looking for something similar, Supergoop! has the (Re) Setting Refreshing Mist SPF 40.

One reviewer on Sephora’s website says it’s a go-to for when she’s traveling. “I have used this item twice when I went to visit Jamaica,” she writes. “Keeps you hydrated and does not mess with other skincare or makeup! I always get the travel Supergoop! kit just for this bad boy.” While another is making it part of her daily routine. “At 47 I’m finally getting serious about sunscreen and trying to figure out how to reapply the dang stuff when I’m wearing a full face of makeup,” she explains. “And . . . this stuff works!”

Now there’s really no excuse for not wearing SPF every day, even after you’ve applied foundation.

Supergoop! (Re) Setting Refreshing mist

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