How Matthew Rhys Found Perry Mason Performance “In Real Time”

Matthew Rhys found comfort in Perry Mason’s imperfection.

The Emmy winner plays the titular attorney on season two of Perry Mason—premiering March 6 on HBO—and while the second season picks up six months after the events of season one, Mason’s suaveness in the courtroom still needs some work. In an exclusive interview with E! News, the Americans alum said it provided a unique chance to grow right alongside his character.

“You’re kind of doing it in real time, so the road to discovery was being played out on camera,” Rhys explained of his performance. “It’s like the luxury of season one when, in real time, Mason’s staggering his way into becoming a trial lawyer. You don’t have to come in day one and be this very slick, performance-level trial lawyer. I was allowed to kind of bumble and fumble in front of everyone, as Mason did.”

Because Mason is supposed to be a bit awkward and inexperienced, Rhys joked that his work was made easy.

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